viv construction

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Pic of my Exo Tera 36x36x18. I used Touch n Foam Landscape for the background. I added some local driftwood and granite from the beaches. There are 14 different holes for plants. On the left hand side is a trickle waterfall. I am unsure about how large my false bottom will be yet. I would like to do a mostly land and part water/pond kind of look, but I have read mixed reviews about keeping darts with too much water? I read about 2 ways to glue the peat moss mixture to the background. Silicone or Titebond III. not sure which one is better? I also foam filled in a false wall in the back corner to hide and cords that I may need for the pump and what ever. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Thank you.
a better pic.
The false wall for hide a cord
Looks good...I see that you water tested it as well. VERY prudent as sometimes they leak.

Love those new huge Exo Terras !

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I'm really liking that. Can't wait to see it planted up.
Do you know where your frogs have been?
Philsuma Wrote:Love those new huge Exo Terras !

So do I!

The viv looks like a good start!
Thanks I will post up dated photo very soon. my plant order came in yesterday. And WOW, I was very happy. everything looks great! got it all set up in a extra empty tank. Cant wait to get my background done so I can start planting.
I can't really say that one way is better than the other for securing the material to the background. I personally have only used GE silicone II
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I've only used silicone myself as well.

It's looking really nice. What frogs do you have in mind for it?
I dont have any frogs in mind for it yet. I dont even know where to start. I love them all.

I used Titbond III. worked great!

Thanks for the comments
I finely finished the background cover. Waiting for it to dry.
Growing my plants in temporary tanks.
And a wild collected plant I found in the muskeg.

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