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I am looking for some of the acrylic cube vivariums. New or used (must be in good condition) and I would prefer the Understory Enterprises design from a few years back or something similar. Local within a few hours of the Frederick, MD area I could pick up, or if you have one you would be willing to ship, that would work too. I am going to be building a bunch of these for myself and I just want to see one again for some ideas. I had a bunch of those before and now I found out they don't make them anymore so I want to just make them myself. Need to really see one though. Any leads would be great, thanks!

The one's at Sean Stew's place are similar or possibly exact to the U.E ones, I think. Sean bought them locally from a 'greenhouse' plant nursery in MD LONG since out of biz.

Not trying to dissuade you ...totally...lol....but you are going to have a very hard time finding something similar and even then, glass is going to be 50% cheaper, I think.


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Thanks, but Sean's are very different than the UE versions. Those are not very well ventilated. I can pretty easily make those now, but want to do better. The UE version had a ledge inside with a screen and then a screen at top with a sliding piece that you could close over it. They were very very nice. No warping ever. I know glass is cheaper, but with the cost of acrylic sheets, I can make several for what it costs me to buy 1 exo. Plus, I just really like the acrylics for the clean look, how light they are, and if made right, they last forever as well. And the one company that does those rainforest emulating vivs, which are very nice, but are very absurdly priced. $400 a tank plus a lot of tanks will just be more than I want to spend lol. that's why I would be happy just to find one used from someone so I can look at it and figure out how I can do the ventilation, and do a vert tank version too which was not offered before. Be a lot lighter than a 20H conversion lol
I have one left. Its a 16" cube
If it is like the other one I got from you, no thanks. I am looking for something different. You still picking up your gecko? lol

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