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Full Version: Methylene Blue and cocohuts
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Josh's Frogs is proud to announce that we will now be carrying 4 oz Methylene Blue in our tadpole care area of our store for only $2.99!

We are also offering a new cocohut (inner shell only) for $2.49.

Check these and other great products out at http://www.joshsfrogs.com

Keep your eyes open for new products in the coming weeks including suction cuped film cannisters, grapewood, treefern panels, cocos panels, cork bark, ABG mix, water pumps, etc.

We have also recently added DHL as one of our shipping methods. DHL offers very cheap ground services with quick delievery times. Many froggers are finding they are close enough to me to have their flies and springtails shipped DHL ground (often times under $7!) because it only takes 2 days.