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Full Version: reef tank
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i getting rid of my reef tank, and knowing alot of froggers also have reefs figured i would see if any one wants any of this stuff. looking for trades on any type of darts,tanks, lights, supplies, and pretty much anything. local pickup only.
25-30 lbs of lr
gobs of pulsing xenia
yellow polyps
1 yr old sebae clown
1 1.5 yr old lawnmower blennie
2 small 60 gph powerheads
aquaclear 50 with surface skimmer attachment
random mushrooms and zoanthids
[Image: sebaeclownclear.jpg]
[Image: xenia-1.jpg]
[Image: cleanergoby.jpg]
[Image: yellowpolyps.jpg]
[Image: reeftankfr.jpg]