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Full Version: ~ Fruit Fly maggot closeup and my media !
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All kinds of ways to do it when it comes to media. I'm experimenting with the : potatoe flakes / yeast / vineger / applesauce mixture. Added in flies to this batch about 5 days ago.. and as you can see, the larvae are abundant ! Darker oarnge are the soon to be flies, lighter cream are the larvae in soft form. You can even see black specs in the media where there are a bunch of soft larvae munching down ! ( black specs are the mouth end )

[Image: ssfly2.jpg]

[Image: ssfly.jpg]


I use the same mixture you were commenting on, except I also add some yeast to mine, because it outgrows any molds that try to start up pretty well. Just sprinkle some in the mixture and on the top of the media in the jar, but only a pinch or else it will smell yeasty.