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Full Version: 75 gal bowfront
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Looks great! I'm curious to know what the fluffy green mossy-looking plant is thats hanging above and in the middle of the right side view. Thanks
that's a great tank! i love the waterfall especially. how did you do it?
Thats awesome. I really like it.
Is this vivarium seeled or vented?
TonyC, the plant is Nephrolepis exalta 'Suzi Wong'.

Mack, we made the waterfall with the manzanita root. It is 6 pieces with the Beckett Waterfall foam to seal the gaps. It actually has water flowing from 2 locations. I will try to get a better picture.

40zDicTator, it has a glass top, with no ventilation which might be subject to change.
nice plants, too! how long has it been planted?
it has been up and running for about a month, and was planted two weeks ago.
hey cindy,

i can't wait for some pics in a few months when it's grown in some....it already looks so nice! who's going to live there?