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Here are some pics of a few of my frogs and two of my tanks.
a few more
and more
here is 2 of my tanks my display tank and my night light Big Grin


Beautiful frogs; Is the night light just for looks or am I missing something that is needed during the night? :?:
not really, i use blue moon led lights to simulate moonlight not a must but one more thing i can do to simulate a natural environment.


:o Ah ok thanks



What kind of frogs are they?
thats a great tank, great frogs too. i really like that painted mantella!
very nice frogs! im looking into getting the black spotted ones
munchi Wrote:very nice frogs! im looking into getting the black spotted ones

I'm curious what the 'black spotted' ones are.
im not sure, but they are black and green and they have slight spots on them. i work at a pet store and we have had them for awhile and i feel in over with them.
[Image: 2nvx9ic.jpg] that is what they look like
That would be the green and black auratus.
Excellent frog for the first time keeper!
yup thats what they are. i was wondering what is a good setup for them? is an exo terra 18x18x24 a big enough tank for two?
That size would be good for two of the auratus.
Very nice. Welcome back Steve!