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Full Version: New Azureus not eating - please help
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Well, I just got my first Dart Frog- a blue and black D. azureus. I set up a 10 gal tank with coco substrate and moss, humidity and temp are good and monitored, no bacteria, everything was sanitized with frog friendly sanitizer.

I did not have access to fruit flies, but did buy very, very small crickets dusted them and its been a day and 1/2, he is an adult and hasn't eaten a thing, he looks skinny and is not very active. What can I do to get him to eat, I don't want him to die. He has come from FL and I live in NC, and just moved him in. Could it be stress or something else ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It could very well be the crickets are too big. Unless they are freshly hatched pinheads, most dart frogs likely won't show interest. You really should obtain some fruit flies for it. General rule of thumb is nothing larger than a little less than half the distance between the frogs eyes for food items.



Really half the distance, wow that just made things a whole lot clearer! Thank you so much! "Pin heads" is such a loose term for pet shops I deal with, do you happen to know of any pet shops that actually sell fruit flies, because I can culture my own from the black ones that grow on our fig tree in the yard but I don't want to cause any bacteria infection or anything?


Go to the home page and click on the links on the left hand side. This will lead to some vendors, and most vendors sell fruit flies.


Where are you located? Good chance there's a local frogger nearby that can help out.