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Full Version: Golden Mantella info please....
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Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about this frog, my local store has some and they are considerably cheaper than darts, why is this? I hear you say "you shouldnt buy a frog just because its cheap" you may be right but in Enlgand it seems prices for these frogs is far higher than in the U.S, we're talking over $100 each avergage and just wanted a bit more info on this frog - is the care the same, are they active, easy to breed etc? Thanks.


This website has some good info for mantella.
the reason the mantellas are so inexpensive is because they are probably imported/wild caught. The mortality rate for these frogs is very high.

As for care, it will be similar to darts, but not the same.
If you are interested in keeping mantellas, I would recommend the book called Mantellas by
Marc Staniszewski. Marc is one of the noted authorities on mantellas.

This is a link to one of his books, it is an excellent read.



Thanks very much guys, I am not keen on anything caught from the wild so will maybe give it a miss, I read today that dart frogs are actually easier to care for than mantellas anyway. Looks like the phantasmal might be the one to start with, they are affordable but not very colourful, what are your thoguhts on this frog? Also, how long should I let my viv stand/cycle for before introducing frogs? Thanks for your help as always....
Tricolors aka phantasmal are great frogs!
Granted they are not a screaming orange or yellow color, but they are a very nice frog. What they lack in coloration, they make up for in personality.
We have a group of Santa Isabel and the males call all of the time, they are first to wake up in the morning, and they are the last to go to sleep at night. If you have the opportunity to get these, I don't think you will be disappointed!

As for cycling the vivarium, some people do, some do not. It is not really neccessary like it is with an aquarium.
We have a assemblage of Santa Isabel and the males call all of the moment, they are foremost to wake up in the morning, and they are the final to go to doze at night. If you have the opening to get these, I don't think about you will be upset!