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Full Version: need to "bulk" up frogs
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Everytime i feed my azureus pair, it seems like the female eats 75% of the insects. Do i need to take the male out of the tank and feed him separately? Its not like he's he's really skinny, but i would like to put some more weight on him.

If i do so, would it stress him out a great deal? Cry
Or.....should i just feed them like normal and hope he gets his fair share?
My tincs (brazillian yellowheads) have always been that way as well...the male will usually get the jump on the food...but soon thereafter, the female catches on, and usually the male clears out of the way...

The best way to judge a frog's weight is by the arms and leggs, if the limbs are skinney looking, you have a problem.

Another solution is visual barriers, and multiple food drops.

Also, when you take a look at the size differences, females are often quite larger (my female is almost 2x the size of the male) and (I think) greater demands, due to egg production, so it may very well be that the male only needs 25% of the food that goes into the tank.


I have a group of 4 Leucs, and to make sure they each get a chance to eat, I drop in flies into two locations. That way they migrate across the viv. I always have fruit in the left side of the viv, so the flies that are dropped in the right side move across the viv to get to the fruit. Unless of course they are eaten on the way.


usually during feeding time, they are away from each other so i just drop half of the pinheads near the female and half near the male.

I'm going to start culturing my own fruit flies from now on. I notice that the ffs dont drown on my water feature. I'm sick and tired of fishing out dead crickets out of the water :x