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I really need a male leuc can any1 help?? thanks I also need a male microspot
you might want to specify what you are able to pay for the leuc...just a heads up....mine were too spendy for you and you are looking for a confirmed leuc right? are u looking for a prove leuc? a subadult? microspot may be difficult to find...have you tried the wanted on other boards? darts are a very expensive hobby and require a lot of needs? just curious if you are looking to breed? if you are then a male leuc of breeding age may be out of your price range for one that is from a reputable breeder....sorry i couldn't break up my pair for you...my pair was 250.00 proven,,,may have did a deal for you...but not shipped for 250.00 and u wanted to pay most 160.00 shipped. shipping is getting high nowadays..sometimes costing breeders to send out fedex....is upward to 60... Big Grin in any respect i hope you find one that will be a mate for your female...as i assume you already have a female...and making sure dr.frye does some fecals as well for ya...before introducing it to your female. I too would have loved a microspot pair. I hope you find what you are looking for. Darts are by no means "inexpensive" and require much care...such as quarantining..fecaling...and one fecal as rich frye has stated doesn't mean a clean fecal...you will need several....as parasites dont always shed at the same rate. the best i know of is dr.frye for that...rich frye can give really good tips on quaranting as dr.frye can also. and then introducing to your collection. But making sure the one in collection has also been through this fecal and quarantine process. I wish i had an extra male for you and was willing to give up my male...but they come as a pair and are breeding/proven. very nice. Got from tony gunter...good guy. Outstanding shipping. then again maybe someone in your area has a leuc for you. maybe start out with some froglets from joshfrogs i know he has some and also panacurs(deworms) his stock....he sends out overnight ups usually around 50 dollars for shipping.....for froglets/juvies of unknown sex yet....although fecaling still is needed....just a head up ....i tend to repeat myself sorry. fecaling and qauranting can be spendy...time onsuming as quaranting is usually a three month process for newly acquired darts as i have learned though i may be wrong....not the expert here. hope you find what you are looking for josh....sorry i couldn't help kristy Big Grin Big Grin