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Full Version: Parrot Humor
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Jim went to his grandmother’s funeral just to find out that all she left him was her best friend, a Congo African Gray named Tekee. He took the bird home and for the first few days the bird didn't say or do anything. Then on the fifth day, Tekee spoke...but not nice chirps or special effects, nor was it a cute little "hello" or "Hi". It was full-out assault of curse words that flew out in rapid secession. Jim tried everything to get the bird to stop, but everything he did, only made the problem worse. He finally got so upset, that he grabbed the bird, threw him in the freezer and slammed the door shut! After about thirty seconds he realized what he had just done…so opened up the freezer and carefully lifted Tekee out. Tekee perched up on his hand shivering, and began to speak, “Sir, with all my heart, I apologize for my actions and rude behavior, I will never utter the slightest of curse words ever again, but can I ask you one question?” Tekee continued to ask, “What did the chicken and the turkey do?”