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Full Version: 37 gallon vivarium.... awesome setup
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well, I started this project a while ago, but need the money and dont have time for anything else. It is a 37 gallon column tank with awesome dimension. There is a false bottom with a small area that can hold one gallon of water for small fish. The background is made out of great stuff foam, silicon and coco fiber. There is a pump in the pond that brings water up to a reservoir in the upper left hand corner where a waterfall/trickle stream goes down and goes along the left and front pane back to the pond. This is a beautiful setup and would be perfect for poison dart frogs(what I was planning on) or any other climbing reptile. the substrate is fir bark, coco fiber and coco chunks. This comes with a lot of extra substrate and I can even include some glass that you can cut to make a lid. located in Cincinnati, Ohio... Asking much less than i paid for everything... $120 OBO. please email if interested as I am not on this board much... mcnamemp@email.uc.edu

[Image: DSC00404.jpg]
[Image: DSC00407.jpg]
[Image: DSC00390.jpg]
looks great! hope you have luck with the sell...its def a cheap buy for someone that isnt good with making stuff like that .i know first hand it ic not as easy as it looks to build one.