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Full Version: Acrylic Vivarium Design
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Hey Everyone! I am new to this board and starting to plan my first tank that will eventually house a couple dart frogs.

Below is a rough outline of the plans for my first tank. There will be a piece of acrylic that slides on top to allow for air flow adjustment. The front access will also be a sliding panel that will lift up from the top. A misting system will be installed in the top. The bottom will have a cut out to allow for a bulkhead to be installed level with the the bottom of the tank to allow for complete drainage if needed.

Well, that is what I have come up with so far. If you guys have some suggestions please throw them out there. I would like to do my first tank right. Thanks in advance.
just as a tip.....you should think about air circulation(i wish i did),humidity.... .are you going to have a water feature?

cool design !!!!!!!!!!!
There is another tank in the diy section here that has slots cut into the front just under the door. I will probably do the same to allow across the front window to keep it clear.... Still debating whether or not I should hinge the door.....