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Full Version: What kind of lighting is best for a Vivarium ?
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I have a 20 gallon long tank that I'm making into a vivarium for poison dart frogs. I've already made the background and false bottom but I need to know about lighting. I only want to keep mosses, like java, well mostly java and maybe 1 or 2 PDR. What kind of lighting would I need to make the moss grow and keep the frogs happy - Like what size, what type of lighting, power compact, fluorescent( well i have a fluorescent but its purple? idk its a weird color and i don't like it that much) so can you please give me a link or pic. of the right bulb I should buy. Thanks.
What you want is a bi-light. It sits on top of your glass lid and holds two bulbs. The bulbs are cheap. They are the twisty looking kind that you use in a regular light socket. You have to get the kind with the right kind of light spectrum for plants. You can get them at Home Depot. The bi-light is carried by some pet stores, but it is hard to find for a 20 gallon long. I know because that is what my tank is. I ended up ordering one online. If you want to know where I ordered mine I could look it up when I'm back at school. I'm sure I saved the invoice. Frances
is the bi-light the one that has the 2 bulbs on each side? it also has ones with just one bulb in it? i think i know what your talking about i saw them today at petsmart. there about 30-40.00? and are you refering to the light bulb to get at homedepot? if so what kind?
What you want is ESU bi-light. 30 inches long is what fits on a 20 gallon long tank. It holds 2 screw in compact flourescents. You buy the bulbs in Home Depot. Get the kind that are 6500k daylight bulbs. The bulbs will cost you more in a pet store. The lights aren't really for the frogs. They are for the plants. You don't need expensive bulbs. I think I paid around 27 for the light fixture online, but of course there was shipping. I couldn't get the right length in a pet store at the time. You also need a glass top on your tank. I had one cut in two pieces, which I hinged together with silicone and an acrylic "piano" hinge. Fran
That is basically the right kind of light. The problem is your tank is 30" long. It is best to have a light that is the length of your tank. Check out Pet Boulevard http://www.petblvd.com/cgi-bin/pb/searc ... d=wU3Zjrf6
That is where I got my light fixture. You can get a 30" Reptile Bi Light Strip for $27.07 and shipping is around $10. You don't need expensive reptile bulbs. Go to Home Depot and they are around $6.00 each for compact flourescents. There is no sense in paying more than you need to. Save your money for plants or frogs!!! Fran
hey thanks, i just went to my local pet store and they had a tri-light for 30 bucks i picked that up i also got 3 6500k daylight bulbs(the squiggley ones that save energy) they are 40 watts each so i got 3. would those work?
Yes, the twisty ones are what you want. I would think that would give you plenty of light. Fran