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Full Version: lower prices on Pumilio
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I have two adult bastimientos pumilio for sale $75 each. I think both are males. I also have a proven adult male red with black legs (man creek/ almirante for $75. I live in the Philadelphia area and would prefer local pickup/delivery, I will also consider shipping. All frogs are fat and healthy and are long term captives. I need to make room, these frogs must go. References available upon request. Thanks for looking. My email address is cbreon321@yahoo.com


I can get you sexed pumilio, (blue jean) morphs for around $80.00 each.



I might be interested in some blue jeans, got any pics?


Yea, I have a few pictures they are on my home computer, when i get home I will post them.

Blue Jeans from Costa Rica? From shipments a few years ago?


They are "man creek" pumilio, one of the morphs recently imported from Panama.


yeah- not a good idea to call them blue jeans. I'm dying to get a pair of those.
Here's a "blast from the past" for ya Craig !

...and....who is this "Rih" guy ?
Two funny things about this post:

1. adult bastis for $75 each sounds pretty good to me right now (especially b/c those were fecaled, clean, ltc's)
2. I think its safe to say Rih didn't last long with his 'blue jeans'

I saw this post and thought to myself, I definitely didn't list any frogs for sale recently. Then I looked at the date...

nice "blast from the past"