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Full Version: HBO...I AM AN ANIMAL Documentary PETA Nutballs
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Just watched the HBO documentary entitled "I am an animal". It gives only a small taste of what the head nutball is all about.
I would strongly suggest anyone who is interested in the health and welfare of animals , and quite specifically pets, research exactly what is going on in that circus before even thinking of joining and providing more money to a group that " is for the total liberation of all animals".
I also strongly suggest if you are a pet owner and have mistakenly (most likely due to ignorance of what PETA is actually all about) joined the group, cancel your membership today and send that support to organizations much, much, much more worthy.
If you have pets, any pets or animals on any level, you are against PETA's base beliefs. And they are against you...
Scarry , scarry nuts...er, ah, people...