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Full Version: Couple of Pics for Orchid Lovers
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I just returned from thailand, and have some very nice pictures of orchids for anyone who cares to see. Keep in mind most of the flower pictures are of wild orchids growing off trees, trunks, walls, and anything else they could find Smile.

Orchid Farm: This is about half of the farm, they have thousands and thousands of orchids growing, an amazing sight.
[Image: DSC00443.JPG]

IF anyone knows the species of these following pictures of orchids, do let me know
[Image: DSC00353.JPG]

[Image: DSC00414.JPG]

[Image: DSC00417.JPG]

Tree covered in ferns and orchids

[Image: DSC00430.JPG]

More to come once I upload them to another website Smile. I was able to purchase a few blooming sized Vanda and Cattleya plants for about $2 each !!!!!!!! Unfortunately, most of them were taken by customs, but I made it out with a few of them. I also purchased an orchid flask for about $10 and it is full of good sized vanda seedlings !!!!!!!! Very incredible place

Ed Parker