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Full Version: FS: Adult 'Capira' auratus (SNDF), Azureus froglets/Adults
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D. auratus "Capira" (SNDF site specific), likely 4 adult females ($225) plus shipping.

[Image: john-albums-ray-s-frogs-picture1931-gree...a-race.jpg]

[Image: john-albums-ray-s-frogs-picture1933-gree...a-race.jpg]

Adult unrelated azureus pair (Nabors/Stewart) (1.1) for $150 or trio (Nabors/Stewart) (1.2) for $200 plus shipping.

Azureus froglets (0.0.4) from unrelated parents, $35 each or 4/$120 plus shipping.

Deal if you take the whole lot.

Preference for locals (New England) and or TWI/ASN folks.
whole lot pending
sold, thanks for the interest.