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Full Version: First Eggs - what now ?
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I have Four D. Auratus, just separated what i thought were male and female, I now have a clutch of 12 eggs. I've read a little bit about breeding, but I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has personal experience that could help me.


From what I read in a book, dart frogs take care of their own eggs if you leave them alone with them. The mothers provide nutrition for the baby eggs and then they hatch in the water and eat brine shrimp (the kind with the eggs that hatch in the water) or mosquito larvae that is put in the water. But you should get some more books or look up on the internet somemore if you can find any advice. Hope this helps you out.


i currently have a 7 egg clutch from Green and Black Auratus , i have been keeping them in a small deli cup, with small holes on the sides for air flow, i added a small amount of water along with some black water extract, to deter molding. and i've had great luck, so far its been a week, and the eggs are beginning to develop the nervous collum, and so far no molding, and no drying of the eggs, to make sure they didn't ge to cold i placed them into a humid cage so if there was any accidential change in temperature they wouldn't be effected ( my parents opening the patio door , and it was -1 this morning Sad ) . Hope this helps, and good luck!


I place my clutchs of eggs, in sanitary deli cups, with a wet papertowel on the bottom, with a small amount of distilled water, with afew drops of black water extract. After about 18 days, depending on species, they will hatch, depening on the species you can raise the tads comunally, or singaly, but it is stated that the tads release a chemical which hinders growth of the other tads. They should be places in containers, with about an inch of water, again adding afew drops of Black Water Extract, to control bacteria. They once they absorb their feathery gills, they should be fed.