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Full Version: Why do people Lurk ?
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At the moment I'm here to read and learn. I am in no way knowledgeable enough to reply to most discussions. Once this changes, I will be more of an active member to the forum

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You should see some of the hostility that goes on towards new members all over the place...

Not talking disagreements or adult conversations but plain old yelling competitions or putting (especially new) people down in a very condescending way.

I registered with a lot of enthusiasm after seeing the exact same thing on other boards (yes, well aware that 99.9% of the internet is like this, but hey, you asked the question, im giving an honest answer) thinking that the wealth of scientifically accurate information would somewhat correlate with a user base that didnt forget their age as soon as they saw something they disagreed with. I was naively wrong.

For any new user that actually takes time to read up on the boards before making a first post (nobody likes a newb that cant use the search function) and sees this fairly common attitude, it's easy to be put off posting for even longer or just dont bother anymore in the first place.

That being said, the site and boards are a wonderful source of information for anyone in love with ANY aspect of the hobby, fauna and flora and I'll probably spend many many more hours lurking in the future Smile
There are many reasons people lurk, as Phil listed. I've been on many, many forums myself anywhere from planted fish tanks to aquariums, cichlids, fish, local club forums and even a few political ones. Talk about hot button issues there! Politics is the hands-down definition of nasty, mean posts on a forum. I've been admin of more than one of the politically focused ones.

From both perspectives, being a newbie as well as an admin, I think most people lurk because they don't want to feel stupid and/or be "attacked" for asking what the more senior players on the specific forums consider stupid questions. I often will lurk and in fact introduced myself as a former lurker from Missouri.

Why did I lurk? I read and read, not only to gain information but also to learn the players on the forum itself. Who are they? How do they answer a repetitive question? Are they in general helpful and patient? Or do you get some nasty comment about using the search function or replying to an older post? So I have lurked several dart frog forums over the past few weeks and chose to join here due to the patient nature, abundance of information and the repeated posts by Phil saying there is no stupid or lame question as well as the fact that indeed most posts are answered from what I can see. It's kind of hard as a newbie to something to post a question just to have it ignored like it doesn't exist. Add to that some people just really have problems navigating a new site, as Phil also stated.

It is a friendly, open community that grows and educates and I think this forum has overall done a great job with that. There is a more respectful attitude here that gives a comfort level, it seems people can disagree respectfully and I like that. Some people just love to be argumentative and often they are the most vocal ones on any forum, it's refreshing to see a more respectful form of disagreeing here. Big Grin
I think we all have different length of time definitions for lurking.

I personally think 6 months or so is not really lurking, as much as it's getting the lay of the land ect.

There are people that tune into Dart Den 2-3 times EVERY single day for 1,2 or even 3 years and never post anything, Now THAT is lurking.
LOL Great point!
'Lurking' on forums ...does F'book have any thing to do with this ?

Just how, in your opinion, has F'book changed things?
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