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Full Version: Uploading your Photos to Dart Den is easy - heres how
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Should you wish to be able to upload your pics directly from your Computer....it's as easy as selecting the "Upload attachment" file right below the post text block...it's light brown in colour. Click the "Bowse" button even thought it doesn't "seem clickable" and find your file on your Computer. Then click the "add the file" button to the right of the "Browse" button. Finally....click the "Submit" button.

To recap:

1. Click "Upload attachment" tab under the comment box.
2. Click "Browse" button
3. Find your Chosen file on your Computer
4. Click the "Add the File" button
5. Add a comment/description of the image
5. Click "Submit"

P.S The above is strictly for posting a pic to a simple thread or other posting. It should not be confused with a Gallery or Album posting, although they are just as easy to do.