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Full Version: Scaphiophryne gottlebei enclosure - Facebook Group
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Hi all,

I've been recently working on acquiring a number of S. gottlebei. The task has been challenging, although not impossible, especially in my neck of the (Canadian) woods.

During that time, I've been gathering info on their natural habitats, on the explosive breeding habits, etc. I've also been in contact with Brent Brock of TWI as per one of their on-going S. gottlebei projects. Brent has been quite generous with the info...

I've created a Facebook group in order to encourage a collaborative efforts of members from different boards. I am well aware that we all have our loyalties to ours, and respect this. For this reason, I thought that creating a neutral ground where we could exchange on them could motivate a larger group of us/you to help on the project.

The idea is simple: gather as much info as possible on them and build a suitable enclosure to promote their survival in captivity.

More details are on the Facebook page. But one detail is key: who ever wishes to join is encourage to share the info on their respected board. This is for the S. gottlebei first and foremost.

Hope to see some of you there. Here's the group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=gro ... 5339814318.


PS: I will cut and paste this info on a number of boards. Just an FYI.
I am a big fan of ANY effort or energy - moving forward. I'll support this too.

Even though, my vision is to keep DD very Family specific, especially with feeding habits (FF .No Cricket eating frogs, per se), I think you are approaching this in a great manner - make a neutral ground for this project.

I've always looked at John C's sites - Caudata, for instance, as the reigning site for all things gummy lizard and Frog Forum to be the place for Tree Frog and other Frog info. I'd refer all traffic there for those types of animals. As long as he gives US, all the Dart Frog stuff Heh
Phil, you're awesome! There's indeed a dart frog community building on FF. It is of course more general than on DB for example, but I enjoy the approach, as yours! It's one thing I think we can do for frogs, all of them, and the ones where info is scarce and at this point quite conflicting from one source to the other. I'm hoping this project will be beneficial for Ornate hoppers, as Corey's (kerokero on boards) breeding project was for the Atelopus genus.

Very happy to have you on board, Phil.

The group is doing great with 19 members, as for the discussions, which are now mostly on light requirements (lighting) and substrate (for both housing and breeding tanks). If you feel you can contribute to the discussion, feel free to join. There's very valuable info being shared by all.

Sorry I haven't been participating. I know nothing about them unfortunately.
Michael, it's no problem. I thought adding you could let you in on the discussion. If you feel the info is not pertinent for you, don't hesitate to leave the group!

Hi Eric!

Great info. I just joined TWI and put in a steward application. I am looking forward to being directly involved with this project. A folder has already been created on my desktop and I have downloaded some PDF files on the species. Let the conservation effort begin!

Hi Greg! Congrats on the TWI membership, and I love your enthusiasm. See you soon.

I am retiring from my first career in February and starting my BS in environmental biology. The goal is to be a conservation biologist with emphasis on amphibians and marine organisms....