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Full Version: Master Bug cultures for sale !
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Rapidly coming to "the end of the end" of stuff....

2 Dwarf White "Master cultures" - $10.00 each

2 Spanish Orange "Master culures" - $10.00 each

1 Temperate Springtail culture - HUGE AND BOOMING $15.00

4-6 Bean and Flour beetle 32oz deli cup size cultures as well...

All for $79.00 !

No pics....these are VERY good cultures.


Slight caishe discount for locals / repeat customers.
Craig.....LMK if you want these cx's....Free.

When I get back into the hobby, I'll hit you up for stuff.

If anyone else wants to buy these...act now, before Craig "inherits" them.
Ahhhhhh....let me think about this...free cultures....yeah, I'll take em' and I'll certainly return the favor when you are getting back in.
Come an git em......