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Full Version: WIRE Sept. 11th 10-3 Madison WI
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WIRE Sept 11th 2011 10:00-3:00pm Madison, WI

Wisconsin Reptile Expo (W.I.R.E)

I will be vending,

Have lots of Dart Frogs froglets and pairs and single adults.

2011 Ball Pythons female morphs.

Veiled chameleons$80each (2.4).

Tank setups $40 (10gal with falsebottom,glass lid, substrate, and pothos).
Feeders $10 (dwarf white woodlice, giant spanish orange, fruit flies).
Leaf litter $5.
Shipping containers 7x7x6 inches 3/4" styro lined $5 each.
Gelpacks $1 each 3x5".
16x16x30 inch screen cage $50.

And misc. reptile products. Also books on darts, balls, and chams.

Froglets: "Romania" yellow galacts $50, "Butt" matecho $40, "UE" cainarachi valley imitators $40, patricia $30, 2 oyapok $60, bahuis $50, leucomelas $30, ancon hill auratus $30, golden mantellas $30, citronella$40, "frogmanroth" monts attachi bakka $50, "frogfarm" azureus $40, "linbo" tarapoto imitator $40.

Adults: proven female cainarchi valley $80, female intermedius imitator $80, female azureus $80, 1.2 french guayana dwarf cobalts $260, MAYBE a few other pairs.

Ball Pythons: 2011 females; 150g pastels $200, 150g lesser $400, 88g mojave $280, 140g spiders $250, 250g albino $450. Also 440g male het Albino $60

Discounts considered.