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Full Version: The 5th Annual Northwest Frog Fest
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Hey Gang,
For those of you who had a blast at IAD, and those of you who missed out a new opportunity awaits you.

August 5th and 6th is the 5th Annual Northwest Frog Fest in Gig Harbor, WA. Ask those who went last year but it is a fun time, and a great opportunity to meet and speak to some talented froggers from around the country. Friday August 5th will be a double speaker night. At 6:30 Justin Yeager fresh from Ecuador and Columbia. To follow we will have Ed Smith of the National Zoo. Per usual drinks, food, and socializing afterwards.

August 6th at 9:00 am will be the frog show. This is once again a captive bred animal show but we will have a quite a bit of good hobby related merchandise for sale. Lots of quality frogs, tinc group frogs, F1 pumilios, lots of thumbnail frogs, and tree frogs as well. There will be no shortage of plants, terrarium supplies, feeder insects, books, and art. Everyone is invited, and highly encouraged to attend. Advertising for this show has commenced via the web, vendor flyers, word of mouth and at many pet and plant stores along the west coast. We have gotten many calls and e-mails already about the show and it should be our best one yet. There are a few vendor tables still available but they are going faster than last year and we sold out. For more info on the show check us out at www.northwestfrogfest.com I cannot stress enough what a good time we had last year, ask some of the people who have been to previous shows. There are also lots of cheap flights and great summer deals to be had on the web so look around. Call us with questions, and lets expand our frog collections!!!
If you miss this show you better be dead or in jail.
i just got my reservations sussed out, and can't wait to meet some of you folks!