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Full Version: Baltimore Repticon 5/26/12
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I was just wondering if anyone on the board is attending the show this weekend?

I was thinking about it, but traditionally, these Repticons in the MD area have been pretty weak shows overall and downright sucky for all things Dart Frog related. Keep that in mind if you travel distance is far.
Is Black Jungle going to be there ??
I use to drive to Hav de grace reptile show(from va) and I was totally stoked if there was more than one frog vendor so the bar isn't set very high.

I wil be their early tomorrow morning if any one wants to meet.

^^ hate to say I told ya so.....
Yeah that was an extremely weak show.

Only 2 vendors Josh's and black jungle.

It was at least nice to meet up with a few froggers and chew the fat.

Just imagine if Black Jungle would not have been there ! If I was Black Jungle...I'd be negotiating for extremely low vendor table costs.

So far..the NY (White Plains) show and the PA (Hamburg) show are the really good Animal shows - tons of vendors and at least 6-8 different Dart Frog only vendors.