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Full Version: Thumb pairs and auratus group
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Have to scale down collection so am selling all but one pair of frogs. No shipping, pickup only in Bellflower Ca. PM for pics and questions.

First for sale is:

Species: R. imitator "tarapoto"
Line: Nabors
Sex: 1:1 (the male is black, female is normal colored; not proven but courting and calling observed)
age: 12-13 months old
price: $160, take them and their 20T vivarium for $200

Second species is:

species: R imitator "varadero"
Line: Nabors
Sex: 1:1
Age: 12 months
Price: $150, take them and their 20H vivarium for $200

Last for sale:

Species: D. auratus "blue and black"
line: nabors
Sex: either 4:3 or 3:4, very proven
age: 14-16 months old
price: $300 for group, will throw in the 60 gallon vivarium they reside in if wanted.
both thumb pairs spoken for.

Auratus still up for grabs