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Full Version: Proven pair of Citronellas and Orange lamasi for sale
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I have the following for sale near Chicagoland area. I will ship, weather permitting, overnight through Fedex. I also have a variety of feeders for sale as well. Please email matthewrolsen@yahoo.com

Species: Citronella
Sex: 1.1 proven
Age: 2 years
Price: $300 shipped
Payment: paypal preferred

Species: Orange lamasi(sirensis)
Sex: 1.2 probable
Age: About 1 year ootw
Price: $150 for the trio or $55 ea.
Payment: paypal preferred

Since I can't upload pics you can view pictures of one of the lamasi here http://www.flickr.com/photos/63674816@N ... 9375668433

For pics of the citronellas please email me at matthewrolsen@yahoo.com