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Full Version: Around the home insecticides
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My wife dusted some of the soil in a few house plants that I 'used' to take clippings from and put in the viv from time to time. It is supposedly some harmless one from KGRO called garden dust. She figured it would be fine since it says its ok for the garden and there should be no problems with this..

I for one don't even want to eat stuff that has been treated, but more important, are these plants, and possible cross contamination now a concern, since I know it did not kill all the little soil gnats she was targeting? There are 2 plants now I assume I cannot use, but am more concerned if the stuff has been carried from one pot to another by these pesky little gnats. They are pretty much out of season now, but they were dancing in the stuff when she dusted the soil.

Any input would be helpful, thanks.