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Full Version: For Sale - varadero, intermedius and vanzolinii
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Randy Seiler

I have the following frogs for sale. Willing to meet up in the MD area or ship via ship your reptiles.

Species -Ranitomeya imitator 'varadero'
Line/Origin - UE, Two bloodlines available
Age - 1-5 months old
Quantity -4 ( 1 from unrelated bloodline)
Price - $55 ea

Species -Ranitomeya imitator 'intermedius'
Line/Origin - Tarlton X Tan: these are the "standard" intermedius
Age - 1-4 months old
Quantity -7
Price - $55 ea

Species - Ranitomeya vanzolinii
Line - UE
Age - 1-3 months
Quantity- 4
Price- $75ea.

Thanks for looking!