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Full Version: Bromeliads changing color ?
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After having the viv for just a few days, two of my bromeliads are losing the color in their leaves (see below pics). They seem healthy enough; although those leaf tips on the pink/white one look brown, they're actually green/purple with the "veins" (?) from the rest of the leaf running right up to the very tip. I'm using two ExoTerra Repti-Glo 2.0 bulbs and the viv is not in direct sunlight. The first one's pink has either turned ivory-colored or is fading to green. The second's orange leaves are also turning green. (Bottom of that photo shows a blurry peek at Splotch.)

Any thoughts? As long as the plants are healthy I'm not super-concerned; the "prettiness" of the viv is less important to me than whether the frogs are enjoying the bromeliads, as they currently are. Also, could you identify these two plants for me? I've never been good with identifying and remembering plants anyway, but at least I was able to identify my "flaming sword" V. splendens.


I know your first thought is probably "have you ever heard of Google?" but it's kind of amazing how poor the sites are for newbies. Either it's a reasonable number of common bromeliads but they're described only verbally, or there's a photo gallery of hundreds of species. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Those are 'plant nursery' type bromeliads. Different from 'hobby' broms. Not as suited to an enclosed glass box and the odd humidity and water issues that we use in our hobby. Those broms are more finicky.

Here are two of the most common and hobby forgiving species of Bromeliads:

https://www.google.com/search?q=bromeli ... 80&bih=655

https://www.google.com/search?q=bromeli ... 1&tbm=isch

Zoe and Neoregelia
Don't get discouraged ! We ALL have gone thru the trials and errors of the 'dreaded first viv" !!!
Ha ha, yes I'm sure that's true! As long as the frogs seem healthy and happy, as they do, I'm not panicking over anything. Is it likely these plants will die, or can they survive just leached of color?