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Full Version: Frogs for sale with FREE SHIPPING!
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I have the following frogs available for sale.
*Added value! I have an order shipping out to the Chicago area in the next couple weeks. If you’d like to piggy back your order, I can offer you free shipping to the Chicago area with local pick up of your frogs in Palatine, IL*

Species: Dendrobates tinctorius Azureus
Qty: 6
Age: 2 mos oow
Line: Unknown
Price: $25 each
Notes: Beautiful, well started froglets.

Species: Dendrobates tinctorius Cobalt
Qty: 15
Age: 3-5 mos oow
Line: Josh’s Frogs
Price: $30 each, 4 or more $25 each
Notes: The parents are huge, beautiful, bold, active frogs. These are well started froglets capable of taking D. hydei flies.

Species: Dendrobates tinctorius Bahkuis
Qty: 10
Age: 3-5 mos oow
Line: Josh’s Frogs
Price: $30 each, 4 or more $25 each
Notes: Well started froglets with beautiful reticulated patterns

Species: Phyllobates bicolor Green Legged
Qty: 6, maybe more
Age: 2 mos oow
Line: Josh’s Frogs
Price: $35 each
Notes: Adults are bold and active, they fear nothing. These are well started froglets, great group frog.

Species: Epipedobates Anthonyi Santa Isabel
Qty: 10
Age: 2-3 mos oow
Line: Unknown/Old LIne
Price: $25 each, 5 or more $20 each
Notes: Adults are a beautiful cherry red with mint green stripes. These are well started froglets already going through color change to a beautiful red. Great group frog.

Additional notes:
1. All shipping is done via FedEx, priority overnight delivery, hub to hub.
2. There is a $10 box charge to cover phase panels, box charge is refundable if the phase panels are returned.
3. No frog is sold till payment is received.
4. Local pick-up/meet up is available
5. Discounts for large group purchase is negotiable
6. Payment via Cash, Money Order, PayPal or any Major Credit Card
7. Live arrival guaranteed, if there is a DOA we must be notified within 2 hours of pickup and we may ask for a cell phone photo of the deceased frog.
8. I will consider trades.
9. Feel free to PM me or email me at ahouseoffrogs@gmail.com
10. Link to vendor feedback: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6242

[Image: a3c3baad-642a-4616-8a69-4823e74600eb_zps766066be.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0607_zps5b958839.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0614_zpsd1469dcc.jpg]
Only 3 Azureus and a few Cobalts left. Get them before they're all gone.
As of this moment everything else is still available.