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Full Version: Stream / Pond Construction Questions
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Two things I'm wondering about as I construct my vivarium -

I have a question about using a pump and tubing from a Nano cube (12 gallon fish aquarium) in my regular 29-gallon tank. I will be making a false bottom. I guess what I'm really wondering is if there is a way to slow down water flow - I'm afraid that this pump is going to be way to much pressure. I don't want to flood my little pond area before the pump can catch up with the uptake.

People have suggested a T-splitter and a ball valve. Any experiences with trying to get these parts to fit an existing tube?

Also, and more complex is the issue of the two types of streams and ponds I've seen in setups here and on other viv boards. One, the more prominent type, is to construct a false bottom that constantly has a few inches of water under it. The pump pumps the water from the bottom of the tank up and down rocks or whatever to a pond area. The other type uses arcrylic(?) to seal off the pond area, and plumbs the pump tubing to only uptake water from the pond area back up to the top and then down the stream back to the pond.

I guess I'd rather avoid the second construction, as it seems easier to me not to do all that, but I'm wondering if there is a distinct advantage.
What size pump are you using?
You can get an idea of the amount of water flow you will have if you just fill the kitchen sink with some water and put the pump in the sink and connect your tubing to, it measure the length to match the height of your waterfall you want to do, then just plug the pump in. This will give you an idea of how much flow rate you will have. Also if you use rocks for your waterfall, of wood, that will help to break the flow rate.
Your pump is not going to pump out more water than it takes in.
A false bottom is the way to go. Trying to contain water by seperating it with eiter a piece of glass or acrylic usually doesn't work.
If you go with the false bottom be sure that you leave your pump so you can maitain accessability to it for servicing.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts