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Full Version: Do Dart Frogs need live food ?
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Can I freeze the ff and pinheads, and feed them to my darts that way ? In essence, does my darts food have to be live ?
The food needs to be live.


you can put them in the freezer for a minute that way the flies wont move and seem dead but after about 10 seconds they come back to life and move around its a lot easier to feed your frogs this way


Why wouldnt the dart frogs eat the dead ff and pinheads ? Has anyone actually tried that, or can someone please try it and report it here ? (I am currently frog-less).


In my experience with a half dozen Azureus and a dozen "powder blue" Tincs is that the movement of ff is what the frogs are attracted to. I've watched ff's remain still and my frogs walk right over them.