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Full Version: Many Darts for Sale
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I have a TON of froglets coming out of the water on a daily basis. I have a lot of frogs to offer. All on the table are 3 months and older some as old as 6 months. Large healthy juvenile frogs
I prefer local pick ups, but will ship weather permitting.
Dendrobates azureus-$45 each $40 each for 4 or more
Dendrobates tinctorius (Powder blue)-$45
Dendrobates tinctorius (cobalt)-$45
Dendrobates auratus (Costa Rican)-$30<---These are nice and large!!!Ergo the price
Dendrobates auratus (Panama Blue)-$45
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus-$55

Call with questions 1-877-359-6328


I am very interested in your frogs i was wondering how much it would cost to ship to michigan because i would love to buy some of ur frogs


PM'd You. :wink:


what does the PM'd you mean? im confused haha


He sent you a private message :wink: . Check the top toolbar (where it says 'Home - Forum - Digests - etc). Its the third from the last.

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