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1st Post from the 1st user on the official 1st day!
Hello everyone, I know it will take a little time before we get some discussion happening here. BUT! Tell your friends and all your neighbors. I will be adding many more features to the site. I would like to make a link on the Home page for Care Sheets. If you have any, send them over. I will give full credit on all content "donated".

As for myself, I currently have a little herd of 6 azureues. A couple have a special home, the rest in the infamous Rubbermaid shoe boxes. Seriously, life with out shoeboxes ? I am a partner in a small computer company which seemed for a good match for what you see here today. Please feel free to post, hopefully in time things will start picking up. Feel free to begin the 1st posts in the shiny brand new forums. Whether it is to offer information or to start asking questions. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I would say "seasoned".

Almost forgot,,, PLEASE upload your photos. I hope in time to create a beautiful online index with multiple photos, care sheets etc. Just give it some time,, with a little content,, you might be amazed at what we could put together.

By the way, if I make a typo, please let me know. I hate when I make typos. Thanks !

The Dart Den Host
Hey Corey,

I too am somewhat new to the dart frog world, although I have kept various herps in the past I look forward to the challenge that the dendrobatid species will bring. By the way, you stated that you have six Azureus, are they all in one " shoe box " or separated into pairs? I personally have a pair of Azureus and a trio of Brazilian cobalt tincs that will hopefully start producing for me within the next couple of months. Good luck on you froggin'. I will try to get some good pics and send them in.

Just thought I would say "Hello" and thanks for the invite. I am a tropical ecologist/herpetologist and enjoy reading these exchanges more than writing...unless it gets deepSmile



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