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Citronella lost control of limbs
I received 2 citronellas 3 weeks ago. The were 8 weeks old and unsexed when I got them. Since then, they have been quarantined in separate sterilite shoebox containers with coco fiber substrate, leaf litter, and a cocohut. I have been feeding them FF 1-2 times a day and seeded springtails in their boxes. I have yet to have a fecal sample done, but plan on it before they move to their permanent home.

One appears to be healthy, growing and eating. The second one seems nice and fat, but does not eat too much and not very active. Today when I checked up on them, I noticed the second one not moving and i nudged it and it spread out its legs and arms and laid flat, not moving. I put him in a petri dish of distilled water and it retracted its legs and arms eventually. But now he is just sitting in the dish. I have been worried about this frog. What is my next move? Is a fecal sample too late? These are my first froglets and i have been reading a lot of articles online to make sure i do it correctly. thanks for any help!
Hi 311,
when you feed fruit flys, are you dusting the fruit flys with a calcium/vitamin supplement?
I agree. This sounds an awful lot like calcium deficiency.
Thanks for your input. I ordered Rep Cal and Herpitive from on tuesday, so i should recieve them soon. I had a small amount but ran out a week ago. I hope this is the only problem. Is there anything I can do until i recieve the shipment?
I would of ran down to a local petco or petsmart and picked up some repcal. Much faster than shipping. I don't think there is anything you can do as of now except wait.
You might consider bathing the frog in a solution of calcium gluconate. Dr. Frye, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe a 23% calcium gluconate solution is recommended. This will be absorbed quicker than the calcium that is dusted on the flys.
Also if you have access to a good quality UV bulb, dose the frog with UV a couple of times a day for about 15 minutes each time. Keep in mind that the UV bulb will need to be place fairly close above the frog, depending on the amount of UV the bulb emits it could need to be as close as 6 inches.
I found a reptile store that has liquid calcium supplements, I will make sure it is suitable for darts. Thanks for all the help.
Why was a 6 year old thread pulled from oblivion and propped up again.
Bill Schwinn Wrote:Why was a 6 year old thread pulled from oblivion and propped up again.

If you must know Bill, its to aid and help Ed Sinkler, who has the exact same issue with one of his eldorado pumilio.

In some goofy, silly thought of mine, I had the crazy idea that it would not only be easy to bump the old applicable thread, but also that it would serve to nicely condense all future conversation pertinent to this same issue, in one neat, easy to find place instead of 20 different threads with all sorts of separate labels.

I'm sorry if it offended you.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
It did not offend me, I just found it to be odd.
...I am an...odd...kinda guy.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well that is old news!The stories I have heard!
We talked before - at Daytona, remember ? I'd rather be Anything, but boring.

But seriously, one of my personal pet peeves is not utilizing old threads- perfectly awesome old threads, for tacking on posts to. Take at look at the other forumS - plural..and you will see that it looks like a library with bookcases knocked over, literally...stuff mis-named, mis-labeled....hard to find, ect.

Not here. I work HARD at keeping things pertinent and easy to find. I'll bump stuff - old stuff, rather than type up 3-4 PM's a day. I also like to NOT deal in PM's...hence the bumping.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Of course I remember! I am not being critical, just curious.

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