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Seeking someone who ships to Canada

I looking for a breeder who ships to canada. Looking for Leucs, Tincs, Azeu,Terribillis,Aurat.

I think you would be better off finding a breeder in canada. The paper work alone costs more than it is worth. Not to mention the shipping costs as well. I was going to bring some mantella's out of canada, but It would have costed meway to much to even bother with it. But, don't let me scare you from it if you really want to do it.

Ed Parker
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These guys are in Canada.

Understory Enterprises is in Ontario, Canada. They breed tinctorius, auratus, p. vittatus, e. tricolor, azureus, reticulatus, vents, leucs, and p. terribilis, and also some mantellas. Some are on waiting lists though. Their webpage is

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