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Cobalts/Alanis/Luecs/Vents/Retic/male patricia @ IAD
have a few frogs for trade or sale at IAD . i would much rather preffer to trade before i sell. plus if you have something i want i will trade everything(maybe)
15 -Cobalts - they range in age and size - the oldest 2 are about 4 months out of the water and the rest about a month. all have really nise color. parents are from patrick nabors line - i got the parents about 5 yrs ago.
all my cobalts have really nice color
selling for 30.00 each (4 or more for 25.00)
i have 1 retic avaliable - i have had this guy for about 5 months -i am not sure on the sex. i have never seen or herd calling so i am guessing female. i had a few others but they died
looking to trade or will sell for 100.00
2 leucs(sold) - all about 1 month out of the water. they are alittle small right know but they grow really quick and might even be twice the size before IAD. the parents i got from Sean stuart
30.00 each(2 for 50.00)
1- adult female Alanis - sean stewart line - i have had her for about 1 1/2 yrs - asking 80.00
2 -alanis babies- these guys are about 3 weeks out of the water - parents from sean stuart
30.00 each (50.00 for both)
2 -grey legged vent - about 1 month out of the water - 40.00(2 for 70.00)
3 Giant orange (traded)- only looking to trade these guys -they are 3 weeks out of the water and growing fast - patrick nabors line.
Also have a Patrica Male about 2 yrs old - from Sean stuart line looking to trade or sell - 80.00
looking for sexed pairs of or frogletts:
yellow sips
Tri color - Santa Isabel
fine spoted/banded leucs
female giant orange!!!!!!!!!NEEDED!!!!
will also consider all other trades
not shipping -preffer to meet at IAD- if i have anything left i will consider shipping after IAD
please pm or email me
click on the picture if you want to view larger
[Image: cobalt.jpg]
[Image: luec.jpg]
giant orange
[Image: go.jpg]
Alanis Female
[Image: alanis.jpg]
[Image: retic.jpg]
[Image: pat.jpg]

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