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Nano Vert 2.5gal
Well, I decided to try and build a 2.5gal vert b/c I had some small species of broms that I could use and thought it would look neat. I think it does look neat, but it'll look better once everything grows in. These little vivs are hard to work on if you have even semi-large hands. Talk about knocking stuff over! It was a bit tedious, but here is the final product...

[Image: cypressandpeperomia.jpg]

[Image: Neo_dungsiana.jpg]


[Image: Nanofullshot.jpg]

What I really needed was another small piece of driftwood for the right side, but finding one that size was not possible, at least not one that I liked. Thanks for looking!
Viv making spree eh? Nice again. Im nearly done with my 10gal vert. I shall post the result's here. Let me say though that you are my main inspiration. Thank's.
Wow, thanks!
Outstanding use of a small amount of space.
Outstanding use of a small amount of space. What lighting are you using?
Thanks. The lighting is a little 13w CF from Home Depot. Works pretty well, just heats up the viv a bit. Thankfully, no frogs will be kept in this viv.
That looks huge for a 2.5.. Good job..
Whats that background made of? Looks like tree fern panel, but I havnt used this stuff so not sure.

I could use a viv that size here on my desk at work.. Would be a great way to get away every once in a while.

Hows the door work?

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
Thanks Frank. Umm, the background is a mix of Cork Bark (in the center) with Fern Root around it. Its not tree fern, its another local kind that grows here. After using it, I don't think I like it. Too much mold. Stick with the regual Tree Fern Panel, its much nicer.

The door is just a basic piece of glass cut to size and its ghetto taped on with clear boxing tape. Works great. Can't even tell.

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