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10 Gallon Vert - Frogtofall
This is the 6th 10 gal vert for my rack. I won't be bothering you all with any more 10 verts... I think. :lol:

This is what I started with...

[Image: woodarrangement.JPG]

This is where it ended up...

[Image: fullvivshot.jpg]

And some other shots...

[Image: Aeschynanthus_longicaulis.jpg]

[Image: upperhalf.jpg]

[Image: Peperomia_prostrata_clone1.jpg]

[Image: Neo_pimienta.jpg]

The plant on the background with the white stripes is Dischidia ovata and the small leaved plant on the bottom is Peperomia prostrata Clone 1. Hoya kentiana and Aeschynanthus longicaulis are wrapped around the wood.

Thanks for looking!
All of those vert's are great. Hopefully I'll save up again to make another one. Very nice Smile
Those are my kind of broms in the last pick Big Grin Nice job Antone.

Thanks! I just got those, I like them too. Will carries them at thefrogfarm. They are Neo. 'Pimienta'.
This can't be the last one. Your tanks are all so good, I need inspiration! XD
I need to get some more plants from you Antone.
Very nice stuff.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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looks nice.

the last one? noooo
make more to show Tongue
Aww!! Haha. You all are too nice. I might make a couple more to sell actually. I like setting them up so much that I think I could do this all day everyday.

It takes me about 4hrs from start to finish once the silicone for the front bottom piece dries. I spend about 3.5hrs on the "vivscaping" part of it alone. The other 1/2hr is usually spent putting the background on and doing the bottom and mixing up my potting/soil mix.
build and sell?
sounds like a business opportunity calling your name to me Tongue

build all you can, then when a reptile expo comes around, get a booth and sell em.
or sell them online...although shipping might be hard.
That would be awesome.

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