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small pond AND non-epiphytes...

I have a new 20 gallon and i want to create a waterfall. I was thinking of putting a small pond in the corner for the water pump (the water will be falling right back into the pond) using expanding foam covered in silicone (a la, then covered with gravel to make it look better. My problem is i can't figure out an aesthetically pleasing way to make the pond while still keeping the soil around it "deep" enough to plant some plants. Any suggestions?

I have posted some pics going through the steps of a basic set-up (in my album). The tank is a 90 gal , but I use the same principles in any sized tank.


You could run a stream through the tank and have it end up in a pond. This would allow the water to circulate and work for you by helping keep the tank healthy.

Rich, your vivaria are amazing! However, im not sure if i can find what you're talking about. Is your album just the gallery of images?
Thanks a lot for the reply.

Thanks, yeh I guess album, gallery, whatever.
That viv ( and almost all of our free standing vivs) has a pump in the center of the "stump" and flows towards the top of the stump's top arm at a slow rate. The water gathers in the front right hand corner in a very small pond.


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