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P. vittatus seizure please help

Hi i'm new with Dart frogs, and currently I have 4 P. vittatus and 4 D. pumilios.

Ive had the vittatus since November and the pumilios since February. They've all been doing quite well up to this point. A couple days ago I noticed one of the vittatus having a seizure. I isolated it and eventually it came around, but it was still pretty week and still slightly convulsive. Its been this way now for the past few days, and its not eating although its mouth will occasional gasp open. I think I may have noticed it shed some skin when this started. Ive been feeding fruitflies, pinheads, and springtails, dusting with vitamins regularly. The other frogs all still seem fine.
Any ideas ?
I guess I prob need to get it in to see a vet.. Any recommendations near Toronto/Oshawa?

Could it be Im using a wrong kind of supplement? Ive been using zoo med's reptivite

i don't know what the zoo med product offers, but most froggers swear by a combination of Rep-Cal herptivite and Rep-Cal calcium WITH VITAMIN D. seizures are a classic symptom of calcium deficiency. this may give you a starting point, and more in depth questions can be directed to the frye brothers at

it didnt make it Sad

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