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Mixing Animals

First off, I'd like to say what a useful source of information this forum is. Everyone seems very knowledgable and friendly. I am extremely interested in getting into this hobby and pulled my 30 gallon high aquarium out of storage to start construction on my vivarium, so you'll be sick of my silly questions in no time. Smile I have read that it's generally a bad idea to mix different species of PDF but has anyone successfully mixed different animals? I've seen Green Eyed Tree frogs with Day Geckos, is that sort of mix possible with these frogs? I was thinking that a Crested Gecko would enjoy that environment as well but I am not sure, nor can I find any information on, how the two would interact. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this subject?

While this is looked down upon in the herping community, there are instances of successful mixes. I've heard small lizards and frogs that share the same bioms do exceedingly well together. Even a community of different specied frogs can thrive if the frogs are not predators to one another and again, share the same biome. There was an article on your question in the Reptiles magazine. I will try and pull it up for you a bit later and quote some text. We love answering questions by the way. :wink:

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