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Tadpoles and Froglets dying

posted on dendroboard too, thanks in advance all...

i have hylid tads in 1 gallon glass jars, they morph no problem, i remove old waste and add a turkey baster of water each day, and feed them tropical fish flake... no problem... i have 5 healthy froglets so far eating f.f. like mad.
my darts though, originally 2 leuc tads and 3 vent tads, i stupidly put together (my first time with all this) in an automatic watering system i built, in which a 3.5 gallon bucket sits atop another acting as a reservoir, the top bucket has a 8 line emitter from rainbird, and an overflow which goes through a 32 oz. cup of hydroton in attempts at some biofiltration, and pothos planted into gravel around the cups. the tads are fed the same as the hylid tads, only they also get spirulina. they develop great, look really healthy, pop front legs and are active for a few days, and then they bloat, sit looking ill for about a day, and then turn upside down and die, floating on the surface until at some point they finally sink. not one has managed to lose it's tail, and i'm incredibly worried. the stomach does appear to be swollen and round, like a gas bubble... my emmiters in the top do not go directly into the 16 oz cups that hold the tads, they sit next to them and about once a week i put them into the cups to flush waste... my pH in the system in 7.8, the day the first frog died it was @ 8.0, the ppm on a hanna scale was averaging 280, the day the first frog died it was 310 i believe. water was lacking in the bottom tank which was what affected both i believe... the remaining 2 vents are still in the system, and my last leuc is removed from the system in about 1/4" of water in it's own cup, where it sat bloating and not moving until this morning it too turned upside down and will likely be dead by the time i get home, although it was twitching a little when i disturbed it before i left... can anybody tell me whats going on? it's killing me, and i feel like a terrible parent!
thanks in advance,

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