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A gift from the hubby...

I'm new to the board, and frogs. I've actually been lurking around and learning a few things before I was going to start my viv and pick my frogs. My loving husband decided that I needed a reason to actually put foam and plants to glass. So he, while out looking for fish, came across 4 D. Azureus and purchased them. I know that their enclosure (came with them) is WAY too small. 12x12x12
My question is, will they be okay in there while I put together their new home? I cleaned out my 30T this evening (originally housed a lined day gecko) with bleach water to sanitize. I also know that I will need to be putting together 2 enclosures so that they are not mixed sets just in case. He asked how old they were, and was told possibly 9 months. Fecal samples will also be taken and tested shortly. Would it be better to put them into quarantine boxes (like the plastic shoe box or larger size) now until I can get the permanent home set? Hubby thinks quarantine isn't necessary since they were living together already. I just don't want to make MORE mistakes (I know the purchase without the viv being done was the biggest).
Thank You for any help you are willing to extend,

4 cramped D. azureus
30L w/gold dust day gecko

Hi Seaotter,
welcome to the hobby.
Even though the frogs have been in the small enclosure,the frogs would be happier if you were to provide them with a larger enclosure, such as the quarantine boxes. You will be able to provide them with more space, and this will help to lessen their stress level.
The quarantine box does not have to be very detailed, damp sphagnum, plant cuttings, and some leaf litter if possible.
If you get a large enough plastic box, you can house them together.
Be sure you have a food source secured,hopefully you have started culturing fruit flys.
Good luck, and keep us posted.


Thank you for the info on the quarantine boxes. He did bring home a fly culture, and a local store does have pinhead crickets until it is ready. I've also ordered more cultures online. I'm hoping the viv will be planted by the weekend completely, it won't be as elaborate as I had hoped though. Gives me an excuse to build later.
Thank You again,

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