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Hi ! How many Dart Frogs for this size tank ?

Hi everyone!

Just starting up.have an exo terra 45x45x60cm.
Have pump, xaxim plates, 6way manifold to run water continually from different places, false bottom,various substrate, lights. Plants to follow.

Thinking about D.Leucamelas, but open to suggestions of other species.

Not sure about how many frogs would be appropriate for this size. I Read quite a few conflicting views on the subject.Would ideally like a few but my main concern is for the the welfare of the frogs.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Smile

I am a newbie myself so I will tell you what all the experts told meSmile Since the Leucomelas are a smaller frog, 1 per 5 gallon is possible. With the larger frogs 1 per 10 gallon. Leucs have the best call out of all the frogs ( my opinion) and make a wonderful choice for a first Dart Frog.

Thanks for your help Big Grin

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