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My first 20H Vert- planted

Time to step it up 1 notch, to the 20 gal. After doing what seems like a million 10's, I figured why not give the 20's a try. Only downside really is the price of the tank. Dang ol' $35!!!!

Here are some pics...

[Image: AlocasiaTiffany.jpg]

[Image: Alocasia_guttataNebula.jpg]

[Image: Alocasia_sanderianaNobilis.jpg]

[Image: Macodes_petola.jpg]

[Image: Microgramma%20sp%20Fern.jpg]

[Image: Neo_HanibalLector.jpg]

[Image: Neo_WeeWilly.jpg]

[Image: Neo_ampullaceaNewForm.jpg]

[Image: Neo_ampullaceaRubra.jpg]

[Image: Neo_zaslawskyiLeme.jpg]

[Image: Peperomia_angulata.jpg]

[Image: Pyrrosia_piloselloides.jpg]

And the Money Shot...

[Image: Fullvivshot.jpg]

How's that for a first try?? Big Grin

Plants are as follows from first the pic on...

Alocasia "Tiffany"
Alocasia guttata var. Nebula
Alocasia sanderiana Nobilis
Macodes petola
Microgramma sp. Fern
Neo. rubrifolia x Hanibal Lector "Governor's Plea" and Neo. "Tiger Cub"
Neo. "Wee Willy"
Neo. ampullacea "New Form"
Neo. ampullacea Rubra
Neo. zaslawskyi Leme
Peperomia angulata
Pyrrosia piloselloides Fern

Awesome! How big do you think the Alocasia will get?


I have no clue!! It was much much smaller when I got it. I assume it'll probably get near twice that size. I honestly don't know. That particular one is the biggest one I've ever seen.

I have another one in a plant growing tank that isn't anywhere near that big. Its the same age too. I think that plant got some extra nutrient and really took off. I love it.

It is probably going to outgrow that does in mine.

All of the Alocasias in there probably will. Heh. I think A. rugosa so far is the only one that I've got that hasn't gone totally gigantic on me yet.

I love them though!

Do you have a picture of yours??

wow! thats really really nice!
I wish we had plants that nice here in canada

Thanks! I'm sure you could GET nice plants. I might be able to help you with that.

my...those are awesome plants....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Antone did have an awesome plant selection.

"He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom" LaVey

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