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How does my tank look ?


Sometime next week i get my first dart frogs ( i owned 3 auratus frogs about 2 years ago but then i had to move). I am getting 4 mint terribilis froglets from blackjungle. I will probably be selling two of them due to tank size complications. i was just wondering how good terribilis do in a community tank, so far i have heard htey od pretty well. i dont quite know the size of the tank in gallons but the measurments are 24x18x17.

[Image: 106_0603.jpg]

here is a pic, how does it look?

Looks nice, what do you have on the back? Welcome to DartDen.


That tank will support four terribilis. They do great in groups. I would add some more broad leaf plants to give a bit more cover. I would also add a couple more love huts.
What is that big white thing hanging down from the top?


thebig white thing is a heat lamp that i dont use anymore, i dont know why i havnt removed it. i have been thinking about those broadleafed plants, all i need to do is to get some from the nursery. i dont have much more room for love huts but i have used three "monkey pods" as subteranean hiding spots. the pods are like tubes made from some sort of tropical nut but they area about 5 inchs long, i know i probably wont be getting breeding behavior out of those but they serve as excellent hiding spots. i will see if i have any more spots for another hut.

the stuff on the back is made out of coconut fiber, you can find it at black jungle

Wee man, I love the moss, what type and where did you get it? I would ditch the palm plant in the middle, and get a nice sized neoregelia brom. The terribs would like that I believe. Other than that it looks good. Oh yeah, maybe put some creeping fig on the background so it will eventually cover it. I agree with rich, you need atleast 3 more good hiding spots so that stress from not being able to hide doesn't occur. Good work though,

Ed Parker

i found another place for the coco hut but im usin it in a small quarantine tank until they get a little bigger, since they will be froglets when i receive them.

i got the "live sheet moss" from

here is a picture of one of the three monkey pods i have in my tank. Its about 1 inch in diameter and about 5 inchs long

[Image: 106_0604.jpg]

the moss looks a bit dead because of the flash

if I am not mistaken the moss is Vesicularia dubyana(CN=Java Moss). The pic is a little blurry... but it is a common aquatic moss that I use in many of my fish tanks.

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